Spare parts for passenger cars

Over 350 brands — direct suppliers

Over 2,300 — total portfolio of brands

Over 300,000 part numbers are available in stock

Over 15,000,000 part numbers are available for order

Car parts product groups

Engine, attachable equipment drive gear

— Engine control units
— Cylinder blocks and heads
— Parts of VVELs
— Piston blocks parts and piston blocks
— Parts of cooling systems
— Parts of engine lubrication systems
— Balancing shafts

Other engine parts, sealant and consumable materials


Suspension, steering control

— Shock absorbers
— Suspension springs
— Springs
— Suspension arms
— Suspension and steering control bearings
— Hydraulic power steerings, their parts and components
— Steering devices
— Steering rods and their ends

And other parts and components of suspension and steering control


Brake system

— Brake discs and drums
— Brake pads
— Brake boosters
— Pressure regulator valves
— Brake cylinders
— Brake calipers
— Brake gears as a set
— Diaphragm spring brake cylinders

Other components and parts of the brake system


Clutch. Gearbox, differential, drive gear

— Parts of differentials and differentials assembly  
— Axle gearboxes
— Parts of drivegears, constant velocity drives and drives assembly
— Parts and sets of clutch gears
— Parts of cardan drives

Other transmission parts


Feed, exhaust and heating systems

— Exhaust collectors, deafeners, resonators
— Exhaust system filters
— Mechanical and electrical fuel pumps
— Fuel tanks
— Fuel lines
— Injectors
— Turbochargers
— Regulating rods and pump injector units

More than 120 subgroups of parts and components of feed, heating and exhaust systems


Electrical equipment

— Car batteries
— Car optics and lighting devices
— Car starters and starter parts
— Generators
— Sensors, monitor and control units of vehicle systems
— Automotive measuring instruments
— Servo electric motors
— Cables, wires, clamps and connectors of leads
— Charging devices

Other electric automotive devices, parts and components of vehicles electrical equipment


Car tires and wheels

Selection of tires and wheels for more than 2,000 vehicle models of over 150 brands

A wide range of types, speed and loading indexes of tires for all seasons and operating conditions


Body and frame

— Elements of a bodywork basic structure and frame
— Body panels
— Doors, hoods and covers
— Bumpers
— Seats
— Steering wheels
— Moldings
— Lock gears and locks assembly
— Hood struts

Others power, functional and decorative elements of bodies and frames


Fuels and lubricants, technical liquids, auto care products

— Motor oils
— Transmission oils
— Antifreezes
— Electrolytes
— Refrigerants
— Anticorrosive and waterproof compositions
— Solvents
— Washer fluids, supplements, defrosters

A wide range of auto care products - polishes, car washes, products for internal bodywork and tires


Armtek - car parts

From the moment of entering the market to the present day, the supply of spare parts and consumables for passenger cars of European, Japanese, Korean and American brands is one of the key specialties of Armtek

We give the opportunity to choose from more than 15,000,000 unique items of spare parts, car components, technical fluids and consumables for the repair and maintenance of passenger cars. Over 250,000 SKUs are on average available for shipment from our warehouses stock

We supply more than 1.5 million items of auto parts every month for more than 10,000 our wholesale customers. 500 cars and trucks make 10,000 deliveries per day

For the convenience of selecting and ordering auto parts, Armtek Electronic Trading Platform was created, which is available 24/7/365

For vehicle owners

You can buy or order spare parts and consumables for your vehicle in any of our own stores, or in the stores of our partners, whose professionalism and high level of service is guaranteed by Armtek

For business

We give the opportunity to choose from 15,000, 000 original auto parts and substitutes of proven quality.
Our product range is a reflection of many years of experience and an in-depth market knowledge

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