Fast and timely delivery
Extended Warranty
We have no fakes and counterfeit
Reliable confirmed document flow
Product quality control during production
Product quality control during of usage
High-quality selection and consultations
Providing customers procurement statistics
2 hours - express delivery, customer pickup at convenient time in a convenient place
24-hour contact center and logistics
Delay of payment

Key services for fleets of vehicles

We offer a wide range of services and look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation

Assistance in selection of spare parts

We will quickly and accurately select spare parts for you, provide all the necessary information about prices, availability and delivery conditions

Warranty policy

You can return goods under warranty in accordance with the rules of returning goods

Extended warranty on STELLOX products

Simplified form and procedure for processing claims for STELLOX brand goods

Delivery, express delivery, customer pickup

You can use the regular delivery by Armtek, order a paid express delivery, or pick up the goods from our warehouses on your own at a convenient time for you

The possibility of returning goods

You can return the unpopular goods of proper quality in accordance with the rules of returning goods

The possibility of delay of payment

You can get all the necessary parts today, and pay them later, according to individual conditions

Providing electronic catalogs

We provide electronic catalogs for self-selection of auto parts

Information on remaining goods and prices for goods

We will provide timely and reliable information about the balances and prices of goods at warehouses and in points of sale in the format agreed with you

Training your company staff

To improve work efficiency, we offer customer training organized by our suppliers

Information about mutual settlements with customers

We will provide full analytics on mutual settlements according to your request

Official Manufacturers Certificates

Armtek provides its customers with certificates for products of major manufacturers of spare parts

Providing customer procurement statistics

You can always get real-time statistics of your purchases in a convenient format. We generate a report on your request and send it to you within 1 business day

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