For clients

We are always open to cooperation, our product offer, which includes more than 15 million items of passenger car parts and 7 million spare parts for trucks, available for ordering, is invariably at the service of all our customers

Armtek is always ready to offer its customers the most suitable service package from a wide range of its customer services, depending on the specifics and area of their work





Spare parts selection assistance
Warranty policy
Extended warranty on STELLOX products
Official Manufacturer’s Certificates
Providing with a replacement car battery
Providing with electronic catalogues
Training according to the suppliers and producers programmes
Operational information on left-over stock and good prices (pricelists downloading, web service requests)
Customer’s purchasing statistics reporting
Operating system
Mutual accounting with the client reporting
Delivery, express delivery, self-delivery
Wholesale customer’s stock balance connection to Armtek’s ETP for further sale
The possibility of delayed payment
Product refunds possibility

Loyalty program

The loyalty program has been created specially for Armtek Group of Companies’ customers.

In the corresponding sections of the personal account of the loyalty program the information about active promotions, their conditions and prizes is regularly published. Click the "Participate" button to take part in every promotion

If the conditions of the promotion are fulfilled, you will receive announced prize, or certain number of points, depending on the conditions of the promotion.

The established prizes can be obtained at the end of the promotion. You can order a prize from the catalogue of prizes for bonus points. It is not necessary to order a prize after the end of the promotion, you can accumulate points for several different promotions, and then order a more expensive prize. Receive more bonuses by participating in promotions from partners

For vehicle owners

You can buy or order spare parts and consumables for your vehicle in any of our own stores, or in the stores of our partners, whose professionalism and high level of service is guaranteed by Armtek

For business

We give the opportunity to choose from 15,000, 000 original auto parts and substitutes of proven quality.
Our product range is a reflection of many years of experience and an in-depth market knowledge


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