Work in the company

Are you an initiative person and creative in fulfillment of the tasks facing you? Are you focused on command result? Do you want and are you able to study the new?
Armtek appreciates it in employees!
Our employees are our main value!




Armtek Personnel policy

The employees of the Company is its main asset; we treat each employee faithfully and it does not depend on his/her position and status

We appreciate professionalism, we lean on our own personnel, we encourage the professional growth and personal development

The company respects identity of each employee, encourages initiative, directing and stimulating creative activity

We aspire to each employee to use his/her abilities to the maximum

We seek for achievement of the best result in our activity and we appreciate employees’ ability to reach the best result

We guarantee stable payment of the salary, payment of days of disability, the paid holiday

We provide employees with such working conditions and rest which allow them to work effectively, reaching material welfare and self-realization

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