Armtek Charity Program

He who knows not how to bestow a benefit is unreasonable if he expects one
Publius Syrus


CharityCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept according to which organizations consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, local communities and other interested parties, as well as on the environment. This commitment is beyond the obligation established by the state to observe the law and suggests that organizations voluntarily take additional measures to improve the living standards of workers and their families, as well as the local community and society as a whole.

ARMTEK joined the principles of corporate social responsibility as well and is steadily guided by them in its activities. One of the directions of ARMTEK’s CSR is help to orphan asylums, sick children and war veterans. Since 2008 the charity is carried out on an ongoing basis and extends to the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus. Allocated funds are directed to conduct expensive surgeries, purchase medicine and essential goods. Charitable assistance to those in need is sent by ARMTEK either directly or through the charitable fund "Chance" with whom ARMTEK association cooperates closely.

In October 2010 ARMTEK was awarded with an honorary diploma - "For the promotion and implementation of charity ideas" and "For generosity and implementation of charity ideas" .But the best awards for the company’s participants are the smiles on the faces of children and war veterans who have got our help!

In December 2011 ARMTEK charity club was for the first time joined by our supplier - the company Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG. Due to this fact, in the framework of a charitable action being held at that time we were able to raise more money than needed, and help not just one child, but two.

As of January 2013, ARMTEK and its staff had helped 40 children, 3 adults (two of them are the company's employees), held 18 fundraisers in support of orphans, children in hospitals, as well as the veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

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